Thank you for trusting me with your prints

Nice Art Prints is Closed

Hi Everyone,

Nice Art Prints is now closed.

I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity I've had to work with you. Each order was a privilege, and I'm grateful you trusted me to print your images. Closing the shop has been a difficult decision to make, but I'm confident it's the right choice.

From the beginning, I strived to make a better online print shop experience by providing complimentary test prints and personalized service with each order. Creating a profitable company with those goals and only one printer and one employee (me), proved to be impossible without substantially increasing the prices. In plain English: I don't make enough money to pay myself. Not a good business model!

Every small business is a lot of work, and each small business owner deserves respect for the sacrifices they make. Some people thrive in the high-stress environment of small business; some don't. The thrill of creating something is intoxicating, and I let it drag me into an unhealthy lifestyle. My health and relationships suffered significantly. After honest evaluation and conversations with people I trust, I've decided to close the shop. For those of you who are curious: Once everything is wrapped up and closed down, I plan to return to design and will begin looking for a staff job in product design.

I'm still glad I gave Nice Art Prints a try. It was actually a lot of fun! I'm thankful for the prints I got to make with all of you! This little print shop taught me who I am and what my limits are. It showed me what's important to me, and where I need to make adjustments in my life. I'm closing this chapter feeling stronger, more confident, and more hopeful than I have been in a long time.

Thank you for being a part of my Nice Art Prints journey, and please stay in touch!

All my best,