How to Choose a Photo Paper

Choosing a photo paper can be intimidating because there are so many different brands and styles. Our printer, Mitch spent a lot of time researching, studying and printing with various papers before he narrowed our paper selection down to two papers that work for almost every kind of photo.

Baryta (Semi-Gloss) - Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315 gsm
Matte - Hahnemühle Photo Rag Matt 308 gsm

These specific papers were selected because of their look and feel, museum-grade archival properties, and unmatched respect within the fine art industry.

Look and Feel

The Baryta paper features a semi-gloss finish and texture that looks just like a premium silver gelatin print. The wide dynamic range and deep blacks of the baryta can perfectly represent almost every image.

The Matte paper has a dry finish (no gloss at all). The texture is similar to watercolor paper, or a thick drawing paper. The glare-free texture and soft feel of the matte paper make it a good choice for prints that will be held in your hands.

The baryta and matte papers look-alike behind UV glass or acrylic, so we recommend choosing the baryta if you intend to frame your prints because it has a wider dynamic range than the matte paper. If you do not frame your prints, make sure to store them in a cool, dry, dark place to best preserve them and prevent fading.

Matte Paper

Archival Properties

Both papers are made from cotton rag and are rated to 100+ years of permanence, meeting the ISO 9706 standard for museum-quality age resistance.

Cotton rag is sourced from textile remnants, so the production of cotton rag paper is considerably more sustainable than other fiber-based papers. The natural brightness and archival properties of cotton rag have made it the best fine art paper choice for years.


Industry Respect

Hahnemühle is over 430 years old and specializes in fine art paper production. In the late nineteen nineties, they created the very first fiber-based fine art inkjet paper, and continue to lead the industry today. Museums and art collectors know, respect (and sometimes expect) Hahnemühle papers.

Baryta Paper

We are not sponsored by Hahnemühle—just love their paper. If you have a specific paper request for your order, please email